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How to Configuration BSNL 3G Data Card in Windows 8

3G modem not working with Windows 8?

BSNL 3g data card in windows 8 – Many Internet BSNL user facing problem in using BSNL 3G modem with windows 8 since its software which we use to associate is unable to detect the gadget. While insert 3G dongle in windows 8 systems, the application setup prompts as usual and application installs in the same way as done in previous windows operating system.

However BSNL 3G modem Driver install windows 8 Operating system but they have not connected to BSNL modem or Dongle. Now the application opened application shows a message system could not find any connection. Click phone book icons it shows a message” The system could not find phone book entry for this connection“.

This fault is generally due to the compatibility of application in latest Windows 8 operating system.  So finely this message appears due to the BSNL dialer applications are not compatible with Windows 8.

How to solution this Problem OR How to Configuration BSNL 3G Data Card in Windows 8

To solve this problem, it is better to run BSNL 3G Data card dialer application in older compatible OS format with Windows 8. Older compatible OS are Windows 7, Windows XP or else.

BSNL 3G Data Card in Windows 8_1

Steps by step solve this problem to run BSNL 3G data card dialer application in Windows 8

  • Install dialer application as done in other versions.
  • Right click on the BSNL 3G Modem Dialer Icon , click on Troubleshoot compatibility
  • Once clicked on troubleshoot compatibility, a new window Program Compatibility Troubleshooter will open and it will find the compatible version of windows operating system for that application. User may try recommended setting. Troubleshooter will diagnose the compatible OS.
  • If user wishes to change to other compatible format, he may right click on dialer icon and go to Properties window. Within properties, compatibility tab has option to select compatible operating manually.

This process BSNL dongle application is made compatible with Windows 8, other Data card applications can also be made compatible in case of application compatibility issue.

Settings for BSNL 3G Data connection

Network Tab

  • Network Selection : Auto
  • Mode Selection: Auto


Default Profile: BSNL 3G

  • Connection Setting
  • Profile Name : BSNL
  • Number : *99# ( This is dialing number for BSNL connection)
  • User name : __________ ( Leave it blank)
  • Password : __________ ( Leave it blank)
  • APN : bsnlnet


Steps by step settings for BSNL 3G data connection

Go to Control Panel > Select Phone & Modems > Select the Required Modem (e.g. BSNL 3G Data Card.) > Go to Properties of that Modem > Select Advance TAB & insert Extra Initialization Command (AT+CGDCONT=1, "IP", "APN"). Press OK.

(Replace the "APN" by bsnlnet).

Other method

  • Now Select Network Connections in Control Panel.
  • Click on "Create new Network".
  • A wizard will start up. Click next.
  • Select "Connect to Internet". Click next.
  • Select "Set up my connection manually". Click next.
  • Select "Connect using a Dial-up Modem". Click next.
  • Select Your Modem. Click next.
  • ISP Name: (BSNL). Click next.
  • APN Name: (bsnlnet). Click next.
  • Phone Number: *99#. Click next.
  • Leave User Name, Password, and Confirm Password fields blank. Click next.
  • Click on "Add a shortcut to Desktop".
  • Click Finish.

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