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WordPress Updating Tips

WordPress Updating Tips

When you use automatic updates enabled WordPress will take care of this security update for you and you’ll get a system e-mail letting you know that process was a success.WordPress Updating Tips

When users are updating WordPress themes or plugins following the simple steps below can save some headaches. 

1.    First you check your theme’s developer before updating to see if they have any concerns or comments about your theme and this new version. If you are on a quality theme your developer will be on top of this.

2.    Second you check your plugin before updating to see if they have any concerns or comments about your plugin and this new version. 


CAUTION: The upgrade method will affect all files and folders integrated in the main WordPress installation. This includes all the core files used to run WordPress. If you have made any changes to those files, your changes will be lost.

Guidelines to help you safely and easily update to the most recent version of WordPress Step-by-step.

Before you update we need to do a little housekeeping:

  • Backup your WordPress directory by backup wizard.  
  • Save a copy of all your WordPress files, pages and posts to your hard drive. 
  • You do this work import and export tools. You might want to create a new Folder on your hard drive where you keep all your Website files. Name it your (website name) WP-Backup so you know to save all backup files for WP there (and you’ll know where to find them if you need them). This is a good method to back up this file once a month anyway irrespective if update is desired.
  • Backup your WordPress database. by nifty plugin WP-DBManager 
  • To be safe, deactivate all plugins before upgrading.
  • Ensure a quick double-check with your framework/theme developer to see if there are matters with their themes and the most recent WordPress update. Similar goes for your plugins. The previous object you want to do is update WordPress to find out next the fact your theme or plugins have conflicts.
  • Safeguard all the bases and download your theme/framework/child theme folders to your local hard drive. This is just good practice if you have customized any theme files.

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